NEW Forest Childcare Bundle Deal

NEW Forest Childcare Bundle Deal

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The Forest Childcare Association is a best practice initiative for childcare providers who want to demonstrate their commitment to taking small children outdoors on a regular basis. By making a commitment to regular outdoor outings you can make a discernible difference to your children AND your business. When you join you will receive a Forest Childcare Starter Pack containing training information as well as business tools, a certificate to display and 50 Crafts and Activities to get you started.

More fantastic Forest Childcare Ideas for all year round 

If you are a member of the Forest Childcare Association looking for new ideas or just a childminder, early years provider or parent looking for original and interesting ideas to engage your children in outdoor outings and learning then this pack is ideal. 

The pack has been written and designed to be accessible to everyone, no matter what you already know about nature and Forest Childcare. There are activities to appeal to a complete beginners and information and facts that experienced nature explorers or Forest Childcare providers will find interesting. The pack is full of original photographs of a wealth of plants and animals, original artwork and ideas. The pack also contains resources like printable posters, Forest Childcare themed crafts and templates, spotting sheets and display resources.

Get both the Forest Childcare Association Membership pack and the NEW Forest Childcare Expansion Pack One - More Forest Childcare Ideas for all Year Round, for £22.50, saving £6.50 off the price of buying both separately.

N.B These packs are supplied as downloadable PDF documents. If, once you have downloaded your product, you would prefer a Word version please contact and I will send you one. 

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