9. Diversity Awareness MEGA Pack

9. Diversity Awareness MEGA Pack

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Quick Description:

Our Diversity Pack Mega Pack is a collection of 20 mini printable packs with resources to help childminders teach 20 different diversity and British Values topics.

Each mini pack is designed to offer clear messages on 20 important diversity and British values themes for 2-5 year old children giving you all the tools you need to explore many ‘difficult’ topics at a level that is right for very young children. Altogether the Mega Pack contains 50 original art projects with templates plus over 100 suggested activities including printable activity sheets and cooking projects.

Each Mini-Pack sold separately would cost around £3 (which would be £60 for all the mini-packs) making this MEGA pack fantastic value for money!

More Information:

Our Diversity Mega pack is a collection of 20 mini packs, each featuring a different British Values or diversity topic.

The 20 Mini-Packs cover the following topics:

Section One: A Positive Identity

Who am I? - Mini Pack

My Place in my Family – Mini Pack

My Friends and My Childcare Setting – Mini Pack

My Place in the World – Mini Pack

Section Two: The Differences Between People

Boys and Girls – Mini Pack

How Old are You? – Mini Pack

We Are What We Eat – Mini Pack

What Language Do You Speak? – Mini Pack

Section Three – People with Disabilities

Understanding Wheelchair users – Mini Pack

Understanding Blindness – Mini Pack

Understanding Deafness – Mini Pack

Section Four – Different Religions

Exploring Churches and Christianity – Mini Pack

Celebrating Easter – Mini Pack

Celebrating Christmas – Mini Pack

Exploring Islam and Eid – Mini Pack

Exploring Hinduism and Diwali – Mini Pack

Section Five – Multicultural Holidays

St George’s Day – Mini Pack

St Andrew’s Day – Mini Pack

St Partrick’s Day – Mini Pack

Chinese New Year – Mini Pack

In each mini pack you will find the following:
An introduction for t
he childminder

Key ideas you should tell the children

Lots of activities to try, with templates where needed

EYFS observations for the children’s learning journeys

PLUS a selection of the following:

Original colouring pages by illustrator Johanna Welsh. The artwork is completely unique and is designed to challenge stereotypes and give positive messages

Art projects and templates

Photo stories about real children

Recommended books and more activities to try to explore the topic further


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  • Reviews


    ‘The awareness it raises is fabulous and I found it gave me the direction I needed.’ Paula

    I purchased your Diversity Pack Mega Pack which is fab.  I find myself returning to it regularly. Yesterday I had a visit from Ofsted, and I am pleased to say I was awarded ‘Outstanding’ again.  I am sure your Diversity Pack helped, thank you.’ Liza

    ‘It’s a really great pack and particularly for supporting observations. I have one little boy who now arrives every week singing Frere Jacques.’ Clova   

    ‘I have printed a lot of resources off added to folders, added my training to my folder. Everything looks very professional, and I am so happy to be back on track. Sorted my British values, put it into my display cabinet. Pack very helpful, just what I needed.’ Alison

    ‘The diversity awareness resources have been invaluable in showing me the different ways in which I can ensure I offer an inclusive setting with lots of ideas for activities.’ Gaynor

    ‘This is great. We live in a predominately white area, so this is very handy.’ Louise

    ‘I find it all links together really well, for example 'A Positive Identity' can lead onto 'Understanding Blindness' depending on the questions the children ask.’