5. UPDATED Progress Check at Age 2 Pack

5. UPDATED Progress Check at Age 2 Pack

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Quick Description:

A handy kit which guides you through the whole process. It has been fully updated to fit in with the new EYFS standards and to bring the format into line with new Summative Assessment Kit which it complements. It contains progress check samples, templates and full guidance on how to complete your progress check at age two.

More Information:

This pack fully supports you to complete your progress check at age two.

If you receive no help from your local authority this pack helps puts you in the driving seat of the whole information-sharing process and allows you to treat any external support you may get as a bonus rather than something you are counting on.  

The pack contains:

Introduction for the Childminder. This document fully guides you through a simple five step process for completing the progress check.

Guidance Notes about what you might observe the children doing, examples of what you might write on the report in relation to this and ideas to include as next steps.

Progress Check report template. This has been reformatted to complement the Super Summative Assessment Pack which it complements.

Letter to parents. A template for you give to parents with background information on the report and arranging a meeting.

N.B This pack is supplied as a downloadable PDF document. If, once you have downloaded your product, you would prefer a Word version please contact jennifer@kidstogo.co.uk and we will send you one. 

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    ‘The pack and permission letter to parents was great. Feedback from the health visitor was very positive saying that my report was extensive and that she felt she knew the child extremely well from reading report. Thank you I found pack really useful.’ Jill

    ‘I am delighted with the Progress Check Age 2 package.’ Liza

    ‘I really like your Progress Check. After the stacks of paperwork I've received from my council, how nice to get a really concise and practical way to do this. I like the way you explain things and keep it simple.’ Christine.

    ‘It certainly helped me by showing me how to record and what to record which was a real help.’ Karen

    ‘I have found your plans for two year old progress checks extremely helpful. I find them clear, simple and reassuring.’ Jean

    ‘I have used the progress check Age 2 and found it really helpful. It definitely saved me time and reduced stress levels too!’ Thanks, Sandra