NEW Childminding Best Practice CPD Logbook

NEW Childminding Best Practice CPD Logbook

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This logbook contains everything you need to keep your continual professional development on track. Containing:

1) Essential Training Record - To help you keep track of training you MUST do and when to renew it.

2) Training Courses Record - For all the other courses of longer CPD you may do. 

3) Log of training courses - a template to help you evaluate your CPD, getting the most from your training and proving t Ofsted that you have put learning into place.

4) Childminding Best Practice Club CPD log. Childminding Best Practice Club members receive a selection of 'bite-sized' CPD ideas in their monthly Toolkits. This log helps them record and evaluate what they did.

5) Future Training Ideas. Put a plan in place for your CPD and training with this useful tool.

6) Upcoming Training Record - Helping you stay organised.

PLEASE NOTE: Childminding Best Practice Club Members get this Logbook FREE as part of their membership. If you are a member and would like a copy, please just email and we will send you one.