The Learning Journey Plus contains everything you need to create a short, medium and long term planning system, an easy-to-use structured assessment system and printable learning journey templates. It is designed specifically to meet the needs of childminders. The package includes over 200 photographic model observations teaching you how to write observations that link photos to assessment, 'next steps' and planning. The Learning Journey Plus is designed to help you to ‘tie it all together’.

Keep observation, planning and assessment paperwork simple. Don't overcomplicate things.

Create a long, medium and short term planning system for your setting including each child’s individual needs.

Includes completed model documents you can copy or overtype for your setting.

• Long Term Planning System: create a Year Plan for your whole setting and analyse your resources with an ‘Enabling Environments’ plan 

• Medium Term Plans: make a Month Plan for your setting that also meets the needs of the individual children you care for

• Short Term Plans: create a Week Plan that reflects the interests of each unique child linked to your learning journey observations

• Word Documents: all templates are Word documents that you can overtype and adapt easily for your own setting

Everything you need to satisfy Ofsted, get the best inspection grades, and impress parents.

Create a printable Learning Journey folder including a Formal Assessment System.

• All the templates you need: to design and print your own learning journey folders using Word including starting points, ‘all about me’ and transition reports

200 Model Photo Observations: the supporting document teaches you how to link photographs to observations, ‘next steps’ and planning with actual models you can copy and learn from. It’s like “having an instructor in the room with you”. See examples.

• Impress parents and Ofsted: show them with confidence what you’ve observed about the children’s learning and development, how you are monitoring progress and planning for next steps.  

• Simple Formative Assessments: you can use to track each child's progress against developmental “norms”


Reduce your observation, learning journey and planning paperwork time

Far too many childminders spend far too long on learning journeys and planning paperwork. This is not what Ofsted wants – it is not what is best for children or childminders. You don’t need to spend hours on it. You need a system that allows you to work cleverly and efficiently.

The Learning Journey Plus Workbook is designed to be flexible to the needs of your individual setting while giving you structure and guidance. It will help you to put the things you need in place, one at a time, so that you don’t get overwhelmed or in a muddle.

By the time you have completed the Workbook you will have a learning journey folder for each child AND a short, medium and long term planning system in place that will work for your whole setting while at the same time taking into account the needs of each individual child. You will also have a system for continual and formal assessment in place. In short, you will have a complete observation, planning and assessment system – everything you need in place to satisfy Ofsted and get the best Ofsted grades.


I already make Learning Journeys and do some planning for the children. I think my system could be improved but I and don’t want to start over.

That’s fine. There is no need to start over. If you are completely new to observations, assessment and planning then you can use the Workbook to get everything in place. However, if you are already doing observations and some planning, then you can use the Workbook to just fill in the bits you are missing or to get a new perspective.

For example, if you are making observations but aren’t linking them to planning, then the Workbook will help you to do that. Or if you are planning and making learning journeys, but aren’t assessing the children, then you may find the three one page assessments provided in the pack are exactly what you need to complete your system.

The supporting photographic guidance document, with 200 examples of photos linked to observations, can also be used by anyone whether you choose to use my Learning Journey templates or continue to use your own.


I just wanted to send an email to say how inspired I have been so far by the learning journey workbook I ordered from you. I haven't even gone through it all yet (I am currently writing my learning activities and play for my long term planning) but your workbook is already making me think of ideas for activities with the children and my provision that I hadn't even considered. It is so easy to follow too. I actually come from a teaching background so planning isn't alien to me but since starting childminding I have been at a loss of how to get my planning down in a useful way, particularly for children under 2, as these form the bulk of the children I currently care for. I have spent a while looking for ideas on the internet and nothing inspired me at all. So thanks again. I appreciate the time you have obviously put into creating the workbook. For the first time in quite a few months I am excited to get my planning done and to start a new year in September with the children I care for. I realise I was trying to make things too complicated and it just took your good advice to demonstrate that it doesn't have to be complicated. Regards, Catherine Greenwood.

Hi Kay, Just opened the files and its great just what I needed and wanted.  For some reason I have a mental block when it comes to writing observations and next steps with the photos I take so this will be a tremendous help. Many thanks, Carol

I used everything you sent through to me and followed your example Learning Journey's. Ofsted gave me `Good', with `Outstanding' features and although I was striving for `Outstanding', I believe the judgement to be fair and am happy with my `Good'. I know that this probably wouldn't have been the case if I hadn't had the support you provide, so I would like to say a huge "Thank You". Although I have now had my inspection I will still be following your expert advice, so please keep up the good work.

I love this! And the proof is that I am still using it! So many "methods " are so detailed and complicated, I found that even with the best intentions and starting them for a week or two I couldn't keep it up… I can't praise your system enough. I've been childminding 12 years and seen 4 different versions ofsted want us to do. I love this. Regards, Catherine

We already had a planning and observation procedure in place but felt it was a little long winded. Your pack has really helped streamline our system and reduce some unnecessary paperwork. I used to use a local council template for my learning journeys but have now started to utilise yours.

Its great Kaye, although I have been childminding for some time, it is a good quick reference guide especially your index and sometimes instigates new ideas from looking at the pictures. Thanks, Fiona

I have found the learning journey very useful and doing my observations are a lot easier, its a shame they don't show you examples when you do the course. I am more confident and less stressed when doing my paper work thank you so much. Pam x

The learning journey pack I bought was amazing (of course!). It was so thorough and very easy to use. All the templates were a great help and the whole pack was so easy to transfer into the system I was already using. Also there were some great tips re what Ofsted are looking for. Thanks so much! Kind regards, Charlotte

I used to have problems, trying to identify what part of the EYFS, my photo's should come under, but now with your observations photo's it has taken a great load of stress off my head!! Thank you. I have also found your monthly and weekly planning activity plans very helpful and I have adopted them for my setting.
          Once again, I just can't thank you enough, as must as I hate the paperwork side of my job, your learning journey and photo observations, have been a God send!! Much appreciation, Ros

You picked up on things that we have missed - group photos, and getting parents to sign agreement, plus using the pics we take in a much better way for evidence and what happens next. Love ,love what you do, makes a massive difference in our setting. Thanks, Jacqui Waterman :0)

I purchased just the Planning Workbook from you a while ago and it has really helped me develop a simple planning system to work along side the observations I already had in place. Regards, Yvonne

Really useful, utilised lots of the format and ideas.  I was almost there with it but added the next steps to each photo and observation and now do this as I go along instead of leaving it too long in-between. I also feel much more confident about what Im doing and that its good. Many thanks, Lizzie 

I have found sections very handy especially the photo to observations section as sometimes I felt I was being repetitive with my wording but your notes inspire me to look at things in a different way. Many thanks, Beverley

Planning all in place and really working well. Had OFSTED last week and got a good right across the board.  Many thanks, Emma

Thanks, it was a great help, I got full 17 outstandings in my ofsted , but I have always struggled with observations and was doing too much… yours have helped a lot. Thanks, Jane

I am really happy with the materials they are really easy to use. They take away a lot of hard work in trying to understand the local authority ones. Very clear and easy to understand. I would certainly recommend you to others. Best wishes, Gail.

I have been doing observations of the children I look after … but I wasn't happy with my planning and assessment system and was finding pulling all the information together in a logical and orderly way difficult. Your Learning Journey Plus has helped me to get everything straight in my mind and has made my life easier and less time consuming (once I put it all in place!!)  I hadn't considered doing 1 year, 3 year and 4-5 year assessments before in addition to the 2 Year Progress Check but will definitely be incorporating them into my plans now - very simple but very useful! 
          The workbook document was well laid out and very easy to read and follow and the "Connecting Photos with Observations..." pdf was excellent - the index is invaluable and so easy to find examples by clicking on the page number! 
          I feel so much better now it's all slotted into place and have to thank you for an invaluable tool! Thank you, Jane

I would like to say a huge thank you for learning journey, I have put everything in place and can't believe how easy it had been using your expert advice. I think in the past things got over complicated and I found the whole planning a nightmare, thank to your documents I have a complete new way of working. Thanks, Michelle

I really like your products and am currently working on building my All about Me folders with your help ! I've been a reg childminder for 23 years and have always found the paperwork and changes that we seem to continuously implement so difficult !! Just wanted to say Thank You. Julie xx

I like the humour that threads through your hard work and I often have a little titter to myself when I read. Thanks again Kay for all your help. Gina x


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