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The Ultimate Childminding Checklist is a really useful tool for every childminder. Recently updated to meet the requirements of The Common Inspection Framework and Prevent Duty, the document contains three checklists you can use for your childminding business:

49 Things you MUST be doing to meet EYFS Requirements

This checklist is intended to make sure that you are fulfilling all of the day to day requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) at your setting. These are things you need to be doing all the time, not just when you are preparing for your Ofsted inspection. 

This checklist removes the guesswork, the rumours and speculation of talking to friends and other childminders and presents a simple list telling you exactly what you SHOULD be doing at your setting. It separates the ‘legal’ from the ‘best practice’ requirements so that you can be clear about what you have to do rather than what is nice to do. Many of you will find that you can tick the majority of the items straight off. Some of you will find that you are missing things, so with this tool you can be sure they are all in place.

Count Down To Your Ofsted Inspection Checklist

Designed to help you to get prepared for your inspection, this checklist starts with the assumption that you have nothing in place whatsoever, then lists out absolutely everything you need to get done prior to your inspection. The checklist is a best practice checklist and includes many items that you ‘could’ be doing as well as those you ‘must’ be doing.

This checklist also contains a Paperwork Checklist to make sure you have all the documents you need in the right places.

Left everything to the last minute?  Please don’t panic – you really don’t have time to panic and it won’t help you anyway! You can use the really helpful, short and concise checklist:  Help! My Inspection is Tomorrow Checklist. This will help you to do the best you can and hopefully avoid getting marked as inadequate!

Outstanding Checklist

If you are hoping to be one of the 10% of childminders who achieve outstanding then as well as doing all of the basics, you have to demonstrate you are doing everything in an outstanding manner. If you are hoping to achieve outstanding then you have to work at it over time. It is impossible to ‘fake’ or ‘fudge’ an outstanding setting. You can’t put together great educational programmes, planning systems and settings that make inspectors say ‘wow’ overnight.

However, you can give yourself the best fighting chance on the day if you’ve ‘done your homework’ and prepared. This checklist (more of a workbook in structure) is designed to help you to reflect on why your setting is outstanding and hopefully to get you to think of things you may have forgotten. You can use it to write out ideas for improvements to the way you do things at your setting. Use it as a place to consider your Continual Professional Development (CPD) requirements and training. And ultimately you can then use it to brainstorm things that you will want to remember to ‘wow’ the inspector with on the day.

Thank you for this amazing checklist! I have been a childminder for an extremely long time. The checklist is exactly what I’ve been asking for from childminding officials that are supposed to prepare you but all you receive is documents in emails all over the place. What you have sent me is brilliant! It’s so organised and easy to follow. I could only wish that I discovered you earlier in my profession. Helen  

Just wanted to say this has been a great pack for me to work through - going into my first OFSTED inspection a with much more confidence!! It really helped me get prepared. Claire

I'd just like to take this opportunity to say how amazing your products are. I've been a childminder for just over 3 years and although I feel confident about my work I sometimes feel that my paper work could be better and your products help. I'm currently working through your Ultimate Childminding Checklist step by step as my inspection could be due anytime. I have to say I've managed to tick off most of it but it's the little things you forget. Once again thanks Kay for your amazing resources. Kind regards, Karen 

I just got Outstanding from Ofsted, your checklist really helped Thanks, Bee

 i have used the ultimate childminding checklist to prepare for my inspection.  I found it very useful easy follow and it made the whole experience stress free knowing that i had everything in place so thank you.  Wendy

You have put an amazing amount of work into it all – I’ve been graded outstanding twice (last time 2011) and I really wanted to check that I was still roughly on track. With your help will be tweaking a few things!!! Thanks again you are a star. Lisa x

Hi Kay just wanted to let you know I had my inspection today. I got a good, am very very pleased and it’s all thanks to your paperwork it really help me, it was so good to have everything explained in plain English big thanks. Clare   

There are so many conflicting ideas, it is nice to just have one set to follow. Saves me some precious time with my family. Many thanks, Deborah

Just read through and ticked most things on "the ultimate childminder checklist" i purchased from Kay Woods. Fantastic is all i can say, bloody fantastic! Love the bit at the end of the "months to go" about the hip flask, hilarious!! Thank you Kay, you are a star!! Kerri

I ordered mine a few weeks ago & it is fantastic!!! Everything is clearly headed & in easy to understand sections. It's made my paperwork so much easier. Worth every penny. Thankyou Jenny xx

Just wanted to say how helpful and well written your Ultimate Childminding Checklist is.  
With thanks, Claire

Thank you for emailing the Ultimate Childminding Checklist. I have downloaded it successfully and will be putting it straight into use as my 3 yrs cycle this September means I am due an inspection. When it will be I have no idea. Im sure I will find your document very helpful in keeping me more focussed rather than in a blind panic. Thank you, Sandra 

Highly recommend this ladies’ documents. Got me through my inspection with ease!

I'll be honest Kay I really need the help, I have been away from childminding for a year while moving house and on maternity.... It feels like starting over.... And my practice wasn't up to scratch as far as paperwork was concerned before that... Sadly as I got a 'Good' on my last inspection my development worker isn't allowed to come out and help me which is a shame as I really need it. You're a life saver, I'm only part way through this and it's really helping, thank you so much you've put a lot of hard work into it, it is very much appreciated. I will no doubt when funds allow be buying more information from your site. Kelly xx 

Hi, just wanted to send a quick message to say that I ordered from you the Ultimate Checklist to prepare for my Ofsted inspection. I had taken a year out due to ill health and was completely out of the loop. Anyway, passed my inspection really well! Your list was brilliant and made the inspection relatively painless as I felt I was as prepared as I would ever be. Thanks again! Lyn

I bought the pack last night and after going through the checklist. I am a lot more relaxed and at ease knowing I'm doing what I should be... Not stressed over paperwork any more, thanks Vicki Xx

Ive just bought it...brilliant info. Really straight forward. Well worth 10 quid too. Thanks, Allison x



Ultimate Childminding Checklist

The Ultimate Childminding Checklist

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