Rainy Day Activities Pack

The Rainy Day Activities Pack contains over 100 great rainy day activity templates to help 3-10 year olds enjoy sitting still. It is full of craft ideas, puzzles, games, engaging tasks and craft templates.

The pack contains over 100 individual files: activity pages, puzzle pages, games and paper-based craft templates to entertain 3-10 year old children. The activities are a great investment for rainy days at home.


Over 100 fun and stimulating kids rainy day activities:

Printable: unlike buying a kit or a book, you can print off as many copies as you like and repeat the activities as often as you want.

Variety: children need variety to stimulate them and hold their interest. Each activity in the pack is varied and unique.

Low mess: the activities involve no paint, water or liquid glue so you can just get these activities out without lots of preparation time or cleaning up.

Word Documents and PDFs: All the activities in the pack are available as both Word Documents and PDFs which will be easy to open and print from any computer.  

3-10 year olds: the projects are designed for 3-10 year old children

See some sample activities


The activities in the pack include:



100 Rainy Day Activities

Rainy Day Activities Pack

Over 100 ready-to-print kids rainy day activities for only £4.99