The Childminding Best Practice Club is for any childminder who wants to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to excellence and who enjoys trying new activities with children. Members of the club receive a monthly activities pack and a 25% discount on all of my products. Members are expected to uphold the Club Promise which is about delivering excellence, continual professional development (CPD) and growing your skills as a childminder. The activities in the monthly pack will help you to promote good behaviour, communication, diversity, mathematics, and school readiness. Each month’s pack also includes art projects with templates allowing you to plan around a theme for the month.

The activities are intended to be fun for the children and new for you, providing an opportunity for you to develop your skills as a childminder by trying new things with the children. Trying new activities is a great way to promote the Characteristics of Effective Learning and enhance the cultural capital of the children who attend your setting.   

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The focus of the Childminding Best Practice Club is on trying new activities with the children to promote the Characteristics of Effective Learning and challenge you to develop your childminding skills.

It is really easy to join. All you have to do is to agree to uphold the Club Promise and buy a year’s subscription to the club magazine. Your membership entitles you to a 12 month subscription to the monthly activity pack and to the 25% discount on my products which you can access straight away.

What is included in the £30 yearly membership?

When you join the Childminding Best Practice Club you will receive:

 • Monthly subscription to the Childminding Best Practice Activities Pack publication – a 15 page printable pack of themed activities, colouring pages, craft projects, inspection tips and new ideas with a focus on continual professional development (CPD). The pack will be emailed to you monthly as a printable PDF file or Word document. 

25% discount on ALL of my products – members can receive 25% discount on ALL of my other products

 • Continual Professional Development Log Book -  all members of the Childminding Best Practice Club should make a commitment to their own professional development as a childminder. The log book is a place to keep a record of these activities.  

Membership Certificate – when you join the Childminding Best Practice Club you will be emailed a certificate with your name on it outlining the Club Promise. It is a mark of quality demonstrating your ongoing commitment to excellence and continual professional development.  

Childminding Best Practice Club Promise

  Any childminder who wants to join the Childminding Best Practice Club must agree to uphold the ‘Club Promise’ which is an ‘honour code of practice’ and written commitment to excellence. The Childminding Best Practice Club Promise has five parts and you must agree with all of these statements if you want to join and display the certificate:

1. I am a registered childminder who aims to provide high quality care.

2. I have high expectations of the children’s behaviour and ability to learn, with an emphasis on preparing them for school or the next stage of their journey.

3. I have a strong commitment to my own continual professional development (CPD) as a childminder and am open to trying new ideas.

4. I actively promote the Characteristics of Effective Learning in the children I care for.

5. I have high personal integrity and am committed to doing my best, even when no one is watching.

If these statements describe you, then please join the club and display the membership certificate as a sign of your commitment to excellence. Please be honest with yourself. This club is not going to be suitable for every childminder and you shouldn’t join just to get the discount. The focus of the monthly activity packs is on continual professional development and themed activities that support excellence. If you simply want to deliver the bare minimum that is required of you by the EYFS Statutory Framework, then this is not really for you.

Monthly subscription to the Childminding Best Practice Club Activities Pack 

Your membership to the Childminding Best Practice Club includes a monthly subscription to an activities pack. Each pack will be around 15 pages long and will be emailed to you as a PDF or Word document. You can then print off as many copies of the templates and colouring pages as you need.

Each issue is designed around a theme so that you will always have everything you need to plan around a theme at your fingertips. The activities in the pack are designed to help you to offer a curriculum that is both balanced and exceptional.

Each issue of the monthly activity pack includes:

Good behaviour through good communication skills – each issue has a suggested activity you can do to promote good behaviour

Themed printable arts and crafts projects come with each pack. The craft activities and activity pages all have templates and full instructions. The activities are adaptable to younger children or to older ones you may look after in the holidays.

Maths printable activity sheet – each issue has a maths printable to promote counting, shapes and space

Colouring page – each issue has a unique, original colouring page based on the issue’s theme

Outdoor play idea

Indoor fun – new ideas you may not have tried before

Simple science activity – to help children to better understand their world

Invitation to play idea

British values or seasonal diversity awareness craft (with templates) or activity idea to help you celebrate multicultural holidays with childminded children

An invitation to play idea – children become more interested and engaged when you set up activities in a way that ‘invites’ them to play and explore. You can’t be forever buying new resources! So these ideas in each pack challenge you to set up existing resources in new ways and give you lots of ideas.

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Seasonal diversity awareness craft projects Beautiful colouring pages by professional illustrator Jo Welsh Unique art projects with templates and full instructions

Continual Professional Development Log Book

Continual Professional Development (CPD) is not just about what courses you attend and what new qualifications you gain. In fact, those more formal CPD activities should account for only a small part of an ongoing commitment from the best childminders to improve their skills, knowledge and experience.

CPD is about trying new activities, it is about making small changes to how you run your practice and about looking at child development from new perspectives. When you provide rich, varied and imaginative experiences for children, they are most likely to engage and be motivated to learn. Trying new things also means that you will never feel stuck in a rut.

Every month I will email you eight CPD activity ideas as part of the Childminding Best Practice Activity Pack. You can choose to do as many as you like, but ideally you should try at least one new activity a month and record how it goes in your log.

Each time you complete a CPD activity, you should make a record of how it went and what you learned from it, so that if you tried the activity again you would have an idea about what you might do differently. When you join you will be sent a CPD Record Book where you can record the new activities you try.

All CPD activities that I suggest in my packs are intended to be done WITH the children. They are not abstract exercises or theories, or tasks that will take up your evenings, and are not intended to take time away from looking after the children. I believe that doing, not studying, new ideas while you are on the job is what will allow you to grow as an individual and genuinely improve your childminding practice.   

25% discount on all of my products

Club members receive a 25% discount on all of my products. This does not apply to printed books, special offers, Forest Childcare Association Membership, or to products bought in my ‘Packages’ as these are already heavily discounted.  

I am hoping to encourage you to try new themes and activities like exploring diversity, safety and health topics, or simply improving your paperwork.

Your discounts begin immediately that you join the Club.

Inspection Preparation 

One of the goals of the Childminding Best Practice Club is to help members to achieve and maintain the best Ofsted grades. It can help to make inspection day go more smoothly if you are mostly prepared to be inspected any time. In each issue of the Childminding Best Practice Activities Pack, I am also including some inspection preparation tasks including:

Outstanding Childcare – ongoing commitment to excellence

The Childminding Best Practice Club is about making a commitment to excellence. It is about promoting good behaviour, supporting good communication skills, developing the Characteristics of Effective Learning and getting children ready for school. Your Ofsted inspector is bound to be impressed as she flips through your CPD log, looking at all the new activities you try with the children and at your obvious ongoing commitment to improving yourself as a childminder. 

Back Issues of the Themed Club Packs

You can now order back issues of the Childminding Best Practice Club packs by theme. This pages takes you to a list of themes. You can search by theme or by issue number and order through my ordering page.

How do I join the Childminding Best Practice Club?

To join the Childminding Best Practice Club and for a year’s subscription to the Childminding Best Practice Packs, please buy a subscription package from my ordering page for £30 which works out to only £2.50 per month. Your membership pack and first issue of the Activity Pack will be emailed to you.

Your membership lasts for one year, and will be renewed automatically unless you choose to cancel.


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I have had my Ofsted and got another Outstanding so very pleased and have had a well-deserved. Thank you so much for all your help the packs have helped me so much to prepare and keep my Outstanding for the second time. They have helped me to feel much more confident under the pressure of the inspections as I think that inspections are most people’s worst fears. Thanks, Elaine Navis  

I just wanted to e-mail and personally thank you for helping me achieve my Ofsted Outstanding that I received yesterday. Since joining “childminding best practice” I have achieved a lot from activities to paperwork for which I am convinced you have helped me. Ofsted were very impressed with everything. Many thanks, Michele King  

Thank you so much for first dinosaur pack.  Really impressed.   Been in childcare for over 30yrs 12 as childminder and was feeling like I needed fresh ideas and new inspiration. Rubbish at drawing so templates are fabulous.  Thank you, Tina Baker. Childminder  

I just wanted to say thank you very much for your dedication to helping people like me, a mum and registered childminder. With your activates packs it means I can spend more time with my own children in the evenings. I have just completed a yearly planner to send home for parents, so they know what we will be doing each month. I just wanted to say thanks you! the activates you send over are great. Kind Regards, Jacqueline Benoni

Just wanted to thank you for the amazing work you do in keeping us updated and on the ball. Had my first inspection today and got outstanding!!!! The inspector was very impressed with the Best Practice Club. Thank you sooooo much. Lisa    

Thank you for the October activities pack. It's great and I've already started using it. The older children joined in with the colouring activities too! I've been a follower of yours for a number of years but recently decided to join the Best Practice Club. Your blogs and information posts helped me with my Ofsted inspection last year and I got Outstanding again for the second time! All of your hard work is really appreciated. Thanks again, Margaret

Well I have to say that my first week of being a club member got me so motivated :0)  I used the theme of Space and also combined it with Superheros as I have a little boy who I look after who is becoming interested in this so I thought I would use his interests too and have the superheros fly into Space :0)  We have been busy this week watching video clips of planets, making a Space display and we have been to the library to choose some books too on those topics.  I felt like you have given me more of a structure to follow and it has helped me so much!!  Thanks, Mary

As always I love all of your pack! We have already tried most of the activities and yesterday my own 7 month old enjoyed paining planet earth onto paper plates (we skipped the cling film as we all love to get stuck right in). Thanks again for all of your lovely ideas, they've come at the perfect time, Gemma

It's great. I love the fact I don't have to think what shall we do when you been doing it 17 years you start repeating things so thank you, Diane

We have tried out the earth activity and my younger children have enjoyed squishing the paint under cling film. My after schoolers have also expressed their interest in not being left out! It has come in very handy as my yr2 child is doing space as his term's project. Win win all round. Stella

Thank you for all your help and the wonderful packs and information that you have put together for likeminded childminders. I have had my resent Ofsted inspection and gained an outstanding grade which I feel that with all the valuable information I gained from your site helped me to achieve this outcome. I always look forward to the monthly resources pack and so do the children I care for. Thank you for all your help. Kind regards, Jeanette

This is really good thank you. Will really help take off the pressure and gives me new ideas. Belinda

I love the first publication and really looking forward to more - it's such a good idea to get it monthly - it has already given me ideas for father's day! Rachel  

I have received it and already putting it to good use! It's going to be a great support. It really is money well spent! Thanks!!!! Heather  

I am aware that there is a lot of 'free' information out there, but your service truly does provide a solution not just more 'how to' your examples are so useful and applicable and simplify things so much. I admit I am a bit of a perfectionist and never happy with what I do - you really cut through all that and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it Sue

July received Thank you, some feedback: The parents loved the fathers day shirt cards and decorated tins. We didn't get to do EID as I was closed that weekend. The children are looking forward to the pirates crafts. Thank you so much for all your hard work, it has re-inspired me to improve. Jinny

Thank you. I am looking forward to doing the activities with the children. Every weekend I sit and plan and sometimes have a mental block, the packs that you are providing are very helpful and useful. I am going to update my CPD log to reflect your forms, l like the way they are presented. I always look forward to seeing your newsletters too. Your hard work, time and commitment to providing such support and detailed information is very much appreciated. Thank you again. Sue

Hi Kay, I've just printed off all the fabulous information you have sent me.  Delighted is an understatement. Thank you so much, Sandra

Thanks Penny Cowley for this lovely testimonial about the Childminding Best Practice Club

“I was inspected by OFSTED at the beginning of January, now have a copy off the report, wanted to let you know how well the visit went and thank you for all your support through the Childminding Best Practise Club.  

Our first activity was pencil control practise. I have laminated copies of all the pencil control sheets I have received as a member of the Club which the children draw on using felt tip pens, then wipe clean and either have another go or try a different one.  

The inspector had asked that I do an assessment activity with the children during her visit. I wanted to do something maths based to show how I cover this in my setting and your Super Heroes bracelet activity was perfect.  

I organised the children around the table and explained what we were going to do. The children took it in turns to roll the dice, count the spots and select the correct number of beads to thread onto their bracelet. I would love to say they were all fully engaged but real life doesn't work like of the children rolled a 6 on their first go and struggled to fit all the bead on the However this did give me the opportunity to show the inspector what I do if a child is finding an activity difficult and the child enjoyed playing with the bracelet I helped them to make. After the activity the inspector asked how I felt it had gone and I was honest about the one who had found it difficult and talked about what changes I would make next time.  

The inspector then gave me her opinion on the activity and was very complimentary. She liked that it included LITERACY in writing down the powers and bead colours, she loved the measuring and counting (MATHS), she felt the children engaged well with it (COEL) and agreed that it would have been easier if my munchkin had not rolled a 6 first time (MANAGING FEELINGS AND BEHAVIOUR)). She felt it gave the children opportunity to put forward their own ideas and to make choices (PSE and C&L).  It also covered the areas PHYSICAL, MOVING AND HANDLING and A&D in making the bracelets and UTW when we discussed fire melting ice when talking about the effects our Super Hero bracelets would have.  

In the report she says...   "The childminder prepares children extremely well for school. For example, she encourages children to participate in daily activities to improve their pencil control and writing skills".   "The childminder promotes diversity"... Your diversity year planner was laminated and stuck on my fridge in addition to other resources around my home.   "Superb teaching ensures children are fully engaged, attentive and highly motivated to learn. The childminder promotes mathematical development especially well. She utilises every opportunity to support children's knowledge of number, shape, space and measurement."  

My lovely, lovely inspector then concluded by awarding me an OUTSTANDING rating.”    


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High personal integrity means doing your best even when no one is watching! /em>


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St. George’s Day dragon template and craft idea.


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Childminding best practice club