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Childminding best practice club logo.jpg Childminding Best Practice Club SubscriptionNew!
Membership and monthly activities pack – only £2.50/month
Characteristics of Effective Learning (COEL) Pack:
Tools, activities, checklists to put the COEL into practice
Ultimate Childminding Checklist Ultimate Childminding Checklist
Three Checklists In One: EYFS legal requirements, inspection countdown and outstanding checklists
Contract policies documents Contract, Policies and Forms
Childminding contract, policies, and forms as Word Documents with EYFS requirements
Progress check at Age 2 Progress Check Age 2 Pack
Written progress reports made quick and easy
guided self evaluation pack.jpg

Guided Self_Evaluation Pack
Questions and model answers to self-evaluate your childminding setting 

Posters Pack

Posters Pack
Collection of educational and practical posters – all editable and printable


Learning journey

Learning Journey Plus
Learning Journey printable template, plus long, medium and short term planning and assessment. Includes 200 photo-based supporting guidance document showing how to link photos to observations and next steps.




EYFS Art Projects

EYFS Art Projects Pack
50 art project templates with EYFS observations for 2-5 year olds  - SALE

was £19.50 now only £10.00
100 Rainy Day Activities

100 Rainy Day Activities Pack
Art projects, busy sheets, games, puzzles, stories, craft templates  – to keep 3-10 year old kids from bouncing off the walls

Be safe be healthy pack logo Be Safe, Be Healthy Pack
15 topics in safety and health with colouring pages, art projects, and EYFS activities 
Diversity Awareness

Diversity Awareness Pack
Diversity activities for 2-5 year olds – colouring pages, art projects, EYFS observations, photo stories 

Start learning books

Start Learning Book Set
A fun accessible introduction for parents about what to expect from their child’s development

Forest Childcare Forest Childcare Association Membership
Everything you need to become a Forest Childcare Provider. Lifetime membership.
Communication with Parents NEW: Communication with Parents Pack
tools, checklists, and ideas to improve your communication and marketing skills

One of Everything for a complete childminding package
Save £40

Contract, Policy Documents and Forms, Guided Self-Evaluation Pack, Progress Check Age 2, Learning Journey Plus, Posters Pack, EYFS Art Projects, Diversity Awareness Pack, Rainy Day Activities, Start Learning book set, Ultimate Childminding Checklist, Forest Childcare Pack and Be Safe, Be Healthy Pack, and COEL Pack £168.00



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