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Just wanted to thank you for the amazing work you do in keeping us updated and on the ball. Had my first inspection today and got outstanding!!!! The inspector was very impressed with the Best Practice Club. Thank you sooooo much. Lisa

I've been a follower of yours for a number of years but recently decided to join the Best Practice Club. Your blogs and information posts helped me with my Ofsted inspection last year and I got Outstanding again for the second time! All of your hard work is really appreciated. Thanks again, Margaret

Thanks for this email. I had my Ofsted inspection, i got good, the paperwork i got from you was great. Will keep in touch through your fb page and love receiving your emails with news / changes there is so little support out there i find all your information fantastic. Thank you, Layla

Since coming to you for all my wonderful resources I am a lot more confident and happy in my setting Alison xxx

I've only just ventured into the crazy world of Childminding and your Childminding checklists and business tools are amazing! I'm so glad I found you while starting up I really think it will make a big difference to my start as a childminder! So thankyou for sharing all your fabulous ideas and help x

Thank you for all your help and the wonderful packs and information that you have put together for likeminded childminders. I have had my resent Ofsted inspection and gained an outstanding grade which I feel that with all the valuable information I gained from your site helped me to achieve this outcome. I always look forward to the monthly resources pack and so do the children I care for. Thank you for all your help. Kind regards, Jeanette

I just wanted to write to you and say a massive thank you. As you know I have bought several products from you in the past. Many of them included reviews which said the packs helped people to get an outstanding grade. I never thought by buying these things I would automatically achieve outstanding, but I was always hopeful that by purchasing these things  it would help me to get at least a "good" at my first inspection. However, last month I achieved "Outstanding" in all areas. I would fully recommend your website and paperwork to anyone. Y

My tutor visited me to discuss the progress check and I used your notes to build up what I was going to write in my report. She was very impressed and I only needed a little more guidance from her. In fact, the next time I do a talk for new childminders (I did one last year) I am going to mention your website and products because I have also purchased from other companies and have basically wasted my money! Hopefully I can get these new childminders to you. :) Thanks again and best wishes, Hana

Thanks you so much for all you do to help childminders like me, I am forever greatful, and God bless your hard work. Kind regards Grace

I'd just like to take this opportunity to say how amazing your products are. I've been a childminder for just over 3 years and although I feel confident about my work I sometimes feel that my paper work could be better and your products help. I'm currently working through your Ultimate Childminding Checklist step by step as my inspection could be due anytime. I have to say I've managed to tick off most of it but it's the little things you forget. Once again thanks Kay for your amazing resources. Kind regards, Karen 

I am aware that there is a lot of 'free' information out there, but your service truly does provide a solution not just more 'how to' your examples are so useful and applicable and simplify things so much. I admit I am a bit of a perfectionist and never happy with what I do - you really cut through all that and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it Sue

 Thank you very much for sending the updates. I really appreciate all you do and I am always looking forward to your newsletters and blog. It really is very helpful. Alexandra

 Thank you Kay I have printed a lot of resources off added to folders, added my training to my folder. Everything looks very professional and I am so happy to be back on track. I enjoyed my course LGBT and took your idea on board added a few positive role model pics of families in same sex relationships to my setting. Sorted my British values, put it into my display cabinet. Three quarters through my SEF even though it's an ongoing document it's nice to know I have answers to neat all the questions. I of course will keep adding info to it. Love the Forest Childcare pack, a new childminding friend and I are going to the woods weekly from this week and doing the projects in the Forest folder I have made. I have spent plenty lately but all seems worth it....what I am trying to say is thankyou for all your help so far, the journey will continue. ..Alison x  

Hi Kay, I've just printed off all the fabulous information you have sent me.  Delighted is an understatement. Thank you so much, Sandra

All I can say is thank goodness for people like you, willing to share ideas/thoughts/your wonderful knowledge and keeping us all informed (with a sense of humour too!).  I really enjoy reading your newsletters too as they're informative, have great ideas and you also have a good sense of humour, which makes me smile. Thanks, Louise

Many thanks for my recent orders - Forest Childcare Pack and SEF Model Answers. Firstly, I was delighted that they arrived so quickly. This is much appreciated as I seem to be 'in the zone" to write my Self Evaluation at the moment. Secondly I want to say how brilliant your "50 Crafts and Activities for Forest Childcare" is. I enjoy arts and crafts and have read several books but I am especially pleased with your craft book; all the activities are pitched at a good level (not too easy, not too hard), and the links across different areas of learning are great. Even though I'm not working today, I have already made the "Two Little Dicky Birds" craft activity with my daughter and she has really enjoyed playing with it. Thank you. Natasha

 Hi Kay, thank you for the swift send. They are just what I need to help me write my SEF. Fantastic and in plain "English"! You make the questions much easier to understand. Thanks again, Sharon. Xx

Fantastic! Not only your work you've produced but your service is really professional to fantastic service I have never been disappointed and might I just say used your work and displays for my last inspection and got an outstanding I followed everything you set out and bought your parent books which my parents loved it truly inspires me it really does.  Thank you Kay I'd be lost without your extra input and detail to everything you don't leave no stone unturned. Xxx

Ofsted came in August and I'm pleased to tell you I got outstanding, which I have to say is down to your wonderful paper work. It got me organised in a way that I've never been before, and I thank you for that. Best wishes, Pam

I am using the documents. Some but not all, but that's what I like about the pack it's very easy to use. I found the observation prompts very useful. The activities are easy to adapt and use. The best thing about all if the packs I've had, is their simplicity. I find it all too easy to get bogged down in endless paperwork, you keep it to a minimum. Many thanks, Ashley

There are not enough hours in the day to type up all of the information so the service you offer is great. Many Thanks, Vanessa.

I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for all the documents that you produce. I had my first inspection yesterday since starting with children in September last year and I received an outstanding grade. If it wasn't for you and the documents you have produced then I wouldn't have had a clue. Thank you, Jo

I just wanted to share with you the great news that I received an outstanding ofsted grading for my inspection last week. I found your paperwork very informative and a fantastic tool to support my practice. I will recommend your services to all my colleagues. Kind regards, Sarah

Kay, Thank you very much. Without your paperwork I think I would have given childminding by now. Not sure where you find the time or inspiration but it's well appreciated. Debbie

Hi Kay. I have done a few of the art projects with my children and am finding them really useful, not only as they are, but by using them I am getting a better understanding of how to document activities of my own, which I was really struggling with. Thanks to the SEF model answers I have now completed my SEF which has been 80% completed for the past year but there were bits I didn't have a clue how to fill in. Thanks for this great service, I feel it is money well spent. Alison

Hi Kay. I am really enjoying using your Start Learning books. I have been on lots of training courses but I like the straightforward way you write and explain things. I also really like your Progress Check. After the stacks of paperwork I've received from my council, how nice to get a really concise and practical way to do this. I like the way you explain things and keep it simple. Many thanks, Christine.

Hi Kay, Just to say a BIG THANKS because I got an OUTSANDING at my Ofsted Inspection this week and the Inspector particularly praised the thoroughness of my self-evaluation form. I’ve mentioned you to several other childminders and so you might be getting more business your way soon. Kind regards, Caroline

Hello Kay, this is Fiona. I received your CD today in the post and just wanted to thank you. You are a life saver!!! I have been a reg childminder for 4 years now and am due an inspection this year. I have been putting off redoing all my paperwork in the hope that a company would do what you have done, v grateful even more so that it has come from another childminder. Fab thanks again.

Hello Kay, Just a quick E-mail to say thank you 4 for all the document advice you have sent me in the past. It has been very useful as I am in the process of becoming an accredited childminder for free funding for 3-4 year olds. I have an inspection due and the co-ordinaters tell me that I should get at least 2 outstandings maybe more, they say my documentation is very impressive. I wouldn’t have been able to do what I have done without you showing me how you do things so thanks again kay. Gina

Hi Kay, Thanks a million for the CD. It is really fantastic. Regards, Tania

hi kay, Gosh that is brilliant well done you and this has certainly given me lots of tips! I will def be back for more as i am due my inspection, just amazing what you've covered. I am very impressed will be looking at your other stuff and recommending it. thank you x. Maureen

Hello Kay, Thank you, I am sure I will find this very useful. I am fairly new to childminding so need as much information & support as I can ;-).
Kind regards, Olly

Hi Kay. Just a note to say I am delighted with the Art Projects, Kits and Rainy Day Projects, which I received on Friday... I have been childminding for a year and am still trying to find the best system for organising my observations and planning. I know these products are going to be invaluable in setting up yet another (but hopefully the last....!) system. Best wishes, Sue.

Hi Kay. I bought your art project recently and have just got round to looking through everything. Just wanted to let you know how fab it is. I'm absolutely rubbish at arts and crafts and this will be so much help. Thanks, Mayrem

I like the humour that threads through your hard work and I often have a little titter to myself when I read. Thanks again Kay for all your help. Gina x

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