My Be Safe, Be Healthy Pack is a collection of printable resources to help childminders to teach 15 safety and health topics to 2-5 year old children. The resources include art projects with templates, original colouring pages, cooking projects and printable activity sheets all linked to the EYFS. The Pack, which will be emailed to you as a Word document or PDF, gives you all the printable tools you need to explore each challenging topic at a level that is right for children of this age.

For each topic you will find:

Colouring Pages

The Be Safe Be Healthy Pack contains 15 completely original colouring pages designed by professional illustrator, Jo Welsh, for this pack.

home safety colouring page for childminders road safety on the school run for childminders stranger danger for childminders
If you find cleaning products tell a grown up

School run road safety

Never take gifts from strangers

15 Safety and Health Topics for Pre-school Children Including:

The 15 topics covered in the Pack are:


Art Projects with Templates and Printable Activity Sheets

For each topic there are a series of suggested art projects and activities for you to complete with the children. Altogether there are over 50 original art projects with templates plus over 100 suggested activities including printable activity sheets and cooking projects. All the art project templates and activity ideas are simple to do and make with 2-5 year old children, and never involve buying expensive or specialist materials.

outdoor safety for childminders sun safety printable for childminders chocolate fridge cake

Encourage bike safety by making a moving bike scene

Sun safety printable

Simple cooking projects

Topics that can make a difference to a child

As a childminder you have a choice about what activities you do with the children you look after so why not do some topics that could really make a difference to their lives? Taking the time to explore topics like healthy eating, making friends, sun safety, oral health, fire and road safety will not only really help the children but it will make you feel that you are doing something truly valuable with the time you are spending with them.

Boost your Childminding Business

The projects in the Be Safe, Be Healthy Pack give you the tools you need to explore challenging, truly useful topics with small children. If you think these topics are important, then Ofsted and parents will too. Doing these projects with the children you care for gives you an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

How exciting to be able to tell parents that this week (we are not just doing play dough or blocks) we are learning about stranger danger or road safety or looking after our teeth. Offering these sorts of unique experiences can really make your setting stand out to Ofsted as well as the parents of the children you look after.

active art project for childminders body parts printable for childminders Fruit Bowl craft for childminders bee safe printable for childminders

mad sunglasses for childminders

How to order your Be Safe, Be Healthy Pack

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I loved the pack. I printed off the colouring and activity packs straight away and then focussed on one area per week. It appealed to the 5-8 year olds as well as helping me talk to the younger children. They all enjoyed colouring in and I then displayed them on the wall, so Ofsted can see! The children all took their pictures home so we shared with home and parents. Thanks, Karen

I would recommend to anyone without hesitation. Parents have responded positively as have the children. It got the children involved in risk assessing and the older ones assessing risks themselves, all boxes ticked! 

I think your Be Safe Be Healthy pack is fab. We are working through it. Children in my setting are one and two year olds, so I've chosen subjects that suits.
We all enjoyed road safety as this is something we are constantly doing whilst out walking.   The children liked making the traffic lights with the standing and walking man. Now they tell me while I'm driving when to stop and go!  We loved the traffic light biscuits.
We have also worked through My Body...healthy eating.  The coloured foods sheets, fruit kebabs, smoothies and foods I like sheet were cool.  We painted and cut some of your pictured foods and made place mats as well.  (We carried this on at toddlers and have made a collage of the hungry caterpillar.)
Also concentrated on looking after our teeth.  A few of my mindees were not keen to brush their teeth, so I bought them toothbrushes and we practiced.  We brushed the tooth template with toothbrushes and made the star (tooth)chart.  Now all of them have taken home a certificate and parents are pleased it is not so much if a chore!
We are going to do keeping clean and germs soon.
A few of the activities are too advanced for my children at the moment so i shall be referring back to it as they get older.
I am enjoying your pack as much as the children. Thank you. Liza



Be safe be healthy

Be Safe, Be Healthy Pack £18

Art projects, colouring pages, and printable EYFS activity sheets

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Be Safe Be Healthy Pack testimonials


Fight germs by washing hands – germ templates included in the pack

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bike safety craft for childminders