Progress check age 2

It is an EYFS requirement that childminders review children’s progress when a child is aged between two and three. A short written summary must be provided to parents, highlighting achievements and areas in which extra support might be needed, and describing how you will address any issues. Your report should be shared with parents and passed to health visitors to inform the child’s Integrated Review.

My pack makes this information-sharing easy to do and takes you step-by-step through the process with guidance and templates at each step. Some of you may find that you get some help and direction from your local authority. Some of you may find that your health visiting team takes the lead on the Integrated Review and contacts you. Many of you, unfortunately, will get no help or direction at all. This document is written assuming that you get no help whatsoever. It puts you in the driving seat of the whole information-sharing process and allows you to treat any external help or support you may get as a bonus rather than something you are counting on.  

A Progress Check won’t take you a lot of time if you follow the five-step process below: 

What is involved?

Completing the Progress Check is a five step process:

Step 1

Give a letter to the child’s parents, giving them background information about the report and arranging the date for the Progress Check meeting

Step 2

Write your Progress Check Report on the child using Development Matters and the Guidance Notes with model observations in this pack to help you

Step 3

Discuss the Progress Check Report with the child’s parents and add their comments. Ask the parents to share your report with the child’s health visitor during their Heathy Child Programme Review at age two to two-and-a-half (Integrated Review) 

Step 4

Following the child’s Healthy Child Programme Review (Integrated Review) with the health visitor, ask the child’s parents to discuss the results with you or give you a copy of the Integrated Review report

Step 5

Put in place any actions to meet the child’s needs within your setting

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There is no set format for the Progress Report … meaning that everyone is expected to create their very own version. Putting all this together takes a lot of time!  Why bother creating your own when you can buy everything you need to complete your 2 Year Progress Check for just £12:

I purchased 2 year check from you and have just carried out my first two year check. The pack and permission letter to parents was great. Feedback from the health visitor was very positive saying that my report was extensive and that she felt she knew the child extremely well from reading report. Thank you I found pack really useful. Jill

My tutor visited me to discuss the progress check and I used your notes to build up what I was going to write in my report. She was very impressed and I only needed a little more guidance from her. In fact, the next time I do a talk for new childminders (I did one last year) I am going to mention your website and products because I have also purchased from other companies and have basically wasted my money! Hopefully I can get these new childminders to you. :) Thanks again and best wishes, Hana

I am delighted with the Progress Check Age 2 package.  I wanted to be sure I was completing it correctly after the changes in the Intergrated Review.  I have downloaded the documents, such a help having it there ready to complete. Especially as this year I will have three to do.  Thanks, Liza

Thanks, I really like your Progress Check. After the stacks of paperwork I've received from my council, how nice to get a really concise and practical way to do this. I like the way you explain things and keep it simple. Many thanks, Christine.

I have used your pack for a progress check and the parent was pleased to receive and be involved in their childs progress.  I had my inspection a few months ago and the inspector was happy with the report I had done.  It certainly helped me by showing me how to record and what to record which was a real help. Kind regards, Karen

i have found your plans for two year old progress checks extremely helpful. i have just completed one and started today on another so have used them a lot over the last weeks. i find them clear, simple and reassuring. I use them not so much as forms to be filled out but as guides that i adapt to give them my own voice. But i certainly use them step by step as a trustworthy guide and i am very grateful for them. many thanks, yours gratefully jean

I have used the progress check Age 2 and found it really helpful. It definately saved me time and reduced stress levels too! Thanks, Sandra



Progress Check at Age 2 - only £12

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