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ABC Poster Chart by 26 Childminders
Pack includes a completely unique ABC Chart designed by 26 different childminders from across the UK

Deciding how much ‘stuff’ to put up around your house is tricky when you are a childminder. Some childminders like their houses to look like ‘little nurseries’ with labels on everything and educational posters on every wall. This is great if you have a dedicated play room in your house, but more difficult to find the right balance between ‘home and work’ if you childmind mainly from your living room. What sizes of posters does your childminding setting need?

ABC Banner by 26 Childminders

What is included in the Posters Pack?

Educational Posters: ABC charts, counting, shapes, days of the week, weather and height chart

Bulletin Board: notices, phone numbers, holidays, evacuation plan, and various ‘no’ signs

Things Ofsted Likes To See: Welcome posters in many languages, birthdays, diversity poster, house rules, ‘who is here today’, areas of learning and development poster, characteristics of effective learning poster

Around The House: Hand washing sign, toy labels for the playroom, name labels for coat pegs and matching place mats

Displays: Ideas for displays including talking displays, good behaviour, using bunting and photo displays

Certificates: printable, editable certificates including ‘I was very brave today’ and ‘I learned a new skill today’

See Inside Other Childminders Houses: the Pack includes lots of inspirational ideas contributed by other childminders so you can get ideas of how to use small and large spaces effectively

Finding the right balance between being a ‘mini nursery’ and a family home

Ofsted likes us to refer to our ‘childminding settings’ but it is really important to remember that our place of work and our ‘setting’ is also our family home. We don’t all want to feel that we are still ‘at work’ when we sit down to watch the TV on an evening. The Posters Pack has posters of every shape and size to suit your ‘house-setting’ whether you want to cover every bit of plaster with displays and educational posters, or keep everything to one tiny, tidy bulletin board.

Posters you can edit and print

All of the posters in the pack are available as Word documents. This means that unlike buying paper posters you can edit them to suit your own childminding business before you print them. For example, you may want to put a photo of your own sink on the ‘handwashing poster’? And if a child starts at your setting who speaks Spanish at home, then you may want to replace ‘willkommen’ on your Welcome Poster with ‘bienvenido’. When the posters get old and tatty you can just print new ones.

ABC Chart and Banner Designed by 26 Childminders

If you are looking for something truly unique to display at your setting then I think you will like an ABC designed by 26 childminders across the UK. This very special project has come out so well. Thank you to all of the childminders who took part.

ABC poster chart by 26 childminders

You can print several versions depending on how much space you have. There is a long banner with one letter per page to run right along your playroom wall, a poster-sized version using four sheets of paper glued together, or a single one page version as shown here.

Educational Posters

Print-your-own versions of the sorts of educational posters that many childminders and nurseries display: ABC charts, counting, shapes, days of the week, weather and height chart. Most posters can be printed full colour, or in black and white so that you and the children can colour them in or use them as ‘worksheets’.

ABC Poster to colour

Colour-your-own ABC poster – 4 sheets of paper glued together

Posterpack/colouring book

Colour-your-own ABC book

Counting Poster

Counting chart

Posterpack/weather poster and days week poster

Make your own simple weather and day of the week chart

shapes poster

Printable shapes poster


Bulletin Board

If your bulletin board is a complete mess, here are some tidy alternatives you may want to use.

Important Phone Numbers

Important phone numbers notice including Ofsted and social services

Childminding no photos sign

Remind visitors to your house that this is a childminding premises. Edit before printing if taking photos is a ‘no’ in your house.

Childminders Holidays poster

Use this poster so that parents can never pretend they weren’t aware of your plans.

No signs - with  sense of humour
Too many ‘no signs’? Sometimes a bit of humour can go a long way. You can edit this very easily for your setting, and add in any proper signs you may want such as no mobile phones.


Things Ofsted Likes To See

Here is a collection of the sorts of posters and signs that you imagine your Ofsted inspector will want to see. Some of these posters are genuinely nice things to have up all the time – like welcome posters, diversity messages, and birthday displays. They create the right impression of inclusion, and give a happy, welcoming feeling to visitors to your house.

Other posters in this section are realistically the sort of thing you will put up the week of your Ofsted inspection… and then unless you have a lot of especially bad plastering you are trying to cover at your house… most likely take straight down again! 

welcome poster

Welcome poster in many languages

welcome poster to colour

Colour your own welcome poster

house rules

House Rules – add your own rules before you print

diversity awareness poster

Diversity Awareness Poster

birthdays poster

Birthdays chart

Characteristics of effective learning poster

Remind yourself of the characteristics of effective learning

areas of learning and development poster

The 7 areas of learning and development

good behaviour poster

Good Behaviour Poster


Around The House

The amount of labels and signs that you normally choose to display around your home is completely up to you, but good signage can help to create a great impression … when it counts.

Hand washing sign

Hand washing sign

toy box labels

Picture labels for toy boxes and drawers

coat peg labeling

Picture labels for coat hooks

place mat

Matching place mats


Making displays of the children’s artwork and achievements is something I’ve always loved doing. I also like to use displays to help teach things and to promote ‘themes’ we are exploring. If you are always peering in classroom windows for ideas, then you many enjoy some of the ones in the Posters Pack. Some of the best have been sent in by other childminders.

Made a great display and want to share before you take it down and it’s gone forever? Please send me your display ideas and I will put them into the Childminding Best Practice Newsletter so that other people can get inspired by your ideas.

animals we have seen display

Get some ideas for simple displays

washing line display for childminders

Get some new ideas for how to use bunting and washing lines effectively


Children (and their parents) love getting certificates. There are several templates in the Posters Pack and if you can’t find the one you’re looking for, you can edit the text before you print them.

certificates for childminders

I learned a new skill today certificate

Kay, your work is fantastic I love it the poster pack again is fantastic I will be leaving such wonderful feedback for your stuff I think I need the Forest pack now!!! My playroom is full off beautiful new colourful projects. Maureen Xx

ABC posters by childminders

The alphabet posters look great up in our playroom. Thanks, Ali

Thank you I have received poster pack and am now redesigning the playroom!! Carole

I am delighted with everything the ideas are brilliant. I let the children help me do the animals we have seen the bigger ones loved this it did become quite big but it shows everything we have done and all the children love it thanx once again, Elaine x posters pack animals display

I would like to say a huge thank you - posters are fantastic!!  Although I have been childminding for a long time, I needed fresh ideas on how to display stuff, and make it appealing to the children and give them more involvement - these are perfect. I think a lot of holiday activities have just been created! Many thanks, Diane

I think this is really great value for a really useful set of resources. Thanks, Kay, I love your stuff.  Nicola

Thanks, Kay - I've got everything done/printed that I needed.  Have bought a cheapie laminator and am now sourcing large cork boards to display all the lovely posters.  I am in rented accommodation so I cannot damage the walls with too much blutac!  Clare x

blank numbers chart for tracing numbers

“I used the blank number chart from the Posters Pack to help one of my 3 year olds with identifying and writing numbers.” Dawn Stronach, Nursery World Childminder of the Year 2013

The A, B, C poster templates are wonderful we will definitely be using them with our children. The timing is perfect as we are starting our phonics unit as we speak. The children will love being able to take magazine clippings of things that begin with a certain letter and sticking them onto the sheet. Thanks, Jacqui and Sophie x

I printed and laminated the ABCs that the children did and have put them on my learning wall. They look fab don't they - the children will love them. Thanks, Mel


Posters Pack For Childminders

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