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If you are a member of the Childminding Best Practice Club, please click here to order. You will be redirected to a special Club Members Only Ordering Page where a 25% discount will be applied to any product you order.

All orders include free updates*.


Childminding Best Practice Club  

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NEW: One year club membership with 12 issue subscription to the Childminding Best Practice Club Monthly Activities Pack - £30 (just £2.50 per month)
Please note that your subscription will renew automatically at the end of the year. I will send you a reminder before taking payment, and you can cancel your membership at that time if you wish.
After you have joined and paid your £30 yearly fee, you can order other products here at your new 25% discount rate straight away.


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One of Everything for a complete childminding package
Save £40

Contract, Policy Documents and Forms, Guided Self_Evaluation Pack, Progress Check Age 2, Learning Journey Plus, Posters Pack, EYFS Art Projects, Diversity Awareness Pack, Rainy Day Activities, Start Learning book set, Ultimate Childminding Checklist, Forest Childcare Pack and Be Safe, Be Healthy Pack, COEL Pack, Partnership with Parents Pack, 25 Colouring pages pack
Essential Paperwork Package:
Contract, Policy Documents and Forms, AND Guided Self_Evaluation Pack AND Progress Check Age 2 AND Learning Journey Plus– save £10.00
EYFS Art and Activities Package
Buy one of each art and activity product and save. Package includes the new Be Safe Be Healthy Pack Posters Pack, 50 EYFS Art Projects, Diversity Awareness and Rainy Days Activities, 25 colouring pages pack - save £10.00
Inspection Pack: Ultimate Childminding Checklist and Guided Self_Evaluation Pack – save £7  £20.00


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NEW: Super Summative Assessment and Tracker Pack. A  quick and easy complete summative assessment and gap tracking system. £15.00
NEW: Partnership with Parents Pack: tools, checklists, and ideas to improve your communication and marketing skills £15.00
Characteristics of Effective Learning (COEL) Pack: tools, activities, checklists to put the COEL into practice £15.00
Learning Journey Plus - Learning Journey printable template, plus long, medium and short term planning and assessment. Includes 200 photo-based supporting guidance document showing how to link photos to observations and next steps.


Ultimate Childminding Checklist - Three Checklists In One: EYFS legal requirements, inspection countdown and outstanding checklists £12.50
Contract, Policy Documents and Forms £18.50
Progress Check at Age 2 £12.00
Guided Self_Evaluation Pack  - Complete self-evaluation system for childminders to reflect on improvements and prepare for your Ofsted inspection. £15.00


Art and Activity Packs  

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NEW: 25 Colouring Pages for Childminders: celebrate what makes childminding unique £15.00
Characteristics of Effective Learning (COEL) Pack: tools, activities, checklists to put the COEL into practice £15.00
SALE: 50 EYFS Art Projects Pack was £19.50 now £10.00 £10.00
Be Safe, Be Healthy Pack - 15 topics in safety and health with colouring pages, art projects, and EYFS activities £18.00
Diversity Awareness Pack - colouring pages, art projects, EYFS observations, photo stories £18.00
100 Rainy Day Projects for 3-10 year olds £4.99
Posters Pack Collection of educational and practical posters – all editable and printable £19.50

Join the Forest Childcare Association  

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Forest Childcare Pack
Everything you need to become a Forest Childcare Provider

Start Learning 1&2 (Printed Book Set) £9.99

Back Issues of the Childminding Best Practice Club Themed Packs
To order back issues add the number of back issues you want to the cart. (If you want to order seven back issues, add 5 issues and then add 2 issues.)

After you pay, please send me an email kay.woods@kidstogo.co.uk with the issue numbers you require. This page has a complete list of themes and issue numbers to choose from.

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Any single back issue £4
Any two back issues £8
Any three back issues £12
Any 5 back issues £18  
Any 12 back issues £40

Order fulfilment: We always aim to respond to your order well within 48 hours of receiving it but sometimes if we are busy or on holiday we may be a little slower. Our products are normally sent to you by email directly to your PayPal email address. If you want us to email items to you at a different email address, please send us a note with your order. Printed book sets are posted to the mailing address on your PayPal account unless you tell us by email that you prefer them to be posted elsewhere.   

*Free updates to products: Free updates to all of our products are included with your order. When an update is available we will notify you via the Childminding Best Practice newsletters. If you do not want to be notified about the free updates, please email ‘no updates’ to jennifer@kidstogo.co.uk

Jennifer Fishpool and Amanda Goode

07741 300266   


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Kids To Go is a partnership between Jennifer Fishpool of 2 Windsor Court, Whitehaven, Cumbria, CA28 6UU and Amanda Goode.

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