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Childminding Best Practice Club


Monthly themed activity packs emailed to you for £2.50 per issue. 



Diversity Awareness

Diversity Awareness

Diversity activities for 2-5 year olds – colouring pages, art projects, EYFS observations, photo stories  - £18


25 Colouring Pages for Childminders

Colouring pages

Ordinary childminding scenes brought to life – only £15.00


EYFS Art Projects

Art projects CD

SALE: 50 art project templates with EYFS observations for 2-5 year olds  - now only £10.00


100 Rainy Day Activities Pack

Rainy Day

Art projects, busy sheets, games, puzzles, stories, craft templates  – to keep 3-10 year old kids from bouncing off the walls – only £4.99


Be Safe, Be Healthy


SALE: 15 topics in safety and health with colouring pages, art projects, and EYFS activities – now only £12



Posters Pack

SALE: Collection of educational and practical posters – all editable and printable – now only £10



NEW: EYFS Art and Activities Package
Buy one of each art and activity product and save. Package includes the new Be Safe, Be Healthy Pack, Posters Pack, 50 EYFS Art Projects, Diversity Awareness and Rainy Days Activities, 25 Colouring pages pack. save £10.00





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