My Diversity Pack is designed to offer clear messages on 20 important diversity and British values themes for 2-5 year old children. The collection of art projects with templates, original colouring pages, photo stories and activities is designed for you to work through with pre-school children. The Diversity Pack gives you all the tools you need to explore many ‘difficult’ topics at a level that is right for children of this age.

For each subject you will find:

Colouring Pages

The Diversity Pack contains 20 completely original colouring pages designed by a professional illustrator. The artwork is completely unique and is designed to challenge stereotypes and give positive messages. How nice for boys to finally get to colour a picture of another little boy pushing his teddy, and for a little girl to see another little girl playing with a digger in a sandpit!

diversity boy with pushchair diversity girl with digger diversity girl in wheel chair
A boy pushing a push chair

A girl playing with a digger

A girl in a wheel chair

Art Projects and Activity Sheets

For each subject there are a series of art projects and activities for you to complete with the children. Altogether there are 50 original art projects with templates plus over 100 suggested activities including printable activity sheets and cooking projects. All the art project templates and activity ideas are simple to do and make with 2-5 year old children, and never involve buying expensive or specialist materials.

welcome poster in many languages diversity food diversity activity diversity awareness Chinese New Year

Make your own welcome poster in many languages

Learn about where the food we eat comes from. 

Make a red collage for Chinese New Year

Photo Stories

Photo stories really help children to relate to the subject they are learning about, and give you a way to initiate discussion and encourage questions.  This is part of Rahul’s story who is talking about celebrating Diwali in Britain.

diversity photo stories Diwali diversity photo stories Diwali diversity photo stories Diwali

My name is Rahul and I'm 6 years old.

Today is Diwali. This is my temple.

We have a big meal for all my family.

20 Diversity and British Values themes including:

A positive identity - children first need to learn about who they are and how they fit into their own families and communities before they can begin to imagine their place in the big wide world

The differences between people – challenge gender stereotypes, learn to speak some French, learn about where our food comes from and what a vegetarian is, and what we can learn from older people

Religions – learn about Britain’s three biggest religions: Christianity, Islam and Hinduism, celebrate Easter, Christmas, Eid and Diwali

People with disabilities – explore blindness, deafness, learn some sign language, and how we can help people in wheelchairs

Multicultural holidays – celebrate St. George’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, St. Andrew’s Day or Burns Night, and Chinese New Year

British Values and Diversity

The activities in this pack are all activities that will promote different aspects of what has been coined ‘British values’. All of the activities in the first section of this pack ‘A positive identity’ help to teach children about ‘democracy’ and ‘rule of law’. They promote house rules, sharing and collaboration and help to create an atmosphere where all questions are valued.  The activities in this section also teach children about ‘individual liberty’ by helping to give children the language they need to discuss feelings and to think about their place in our world. The rest of this pack directly encourages ‘mutual respect and tolerance’ by teaching children about different religions, disabilities and gives you the tools to celebrate some multicultural holidays that are important in the UK.

An Important Project

Over the last two years I have learned so much putting this pack together. Many people have helped and advised on this project, so I am confident that you will find its content well-researched and of the highest quality. I believe that you can and should talk about ‘differences’ with very small children.

Sometimes I feel that we avoid many of these subjects simply because we don’t know what ‘message’ to tell the children. Subjects such as physical disabilities, Islam, skin colour, older people and different family types can be so difficult to address that instead of talking about them we celebrate ‘Australia Day’, buy a black doll, and feel we’ve ‘done diversity’ with the children. This sort of tokenism and avoidance of the real subjects and real issues is not helpful to anyone. The Diversity Pack gives you a practical approach to tackle proper diversity issues head on.

Boost your Childminding Business

The projects in the Diversity Pack give you the tools you need to address diversity topics with small children. I believe these subjects are important, but don’t forget that as childminders we are also running a business here! Doing these projects with the children you care for give you an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

How exciting to be able to tell parents that this week (we are not just doing play dough or blocks) we are learning about deafness and sign language, celebrating Diwali, visiting a parish church, or exploring where food comes from!  Offering these sorts of unique experiences can really make your setting stand out to Ofsted as well as the parents of the children you look after. 

diversity awareness kindness tree diversity age awareness diversity awareness St Patricks Day diversity eid bookmark

diversity awareness faces pizza

How to order your Diversity Awareness Pack

 Click here to order a Diversity Awareness Pack for only £18 to promote diversity and British values in for your childminding setting today. 


Thank you. We have done almost half of the sections now and projects within them. It’s a really great pack and particularly for supporting observations. I have one little boy who now arrives every week singing Frere Jacques :) Another favourite was being down around to make life size versions of themselves. Many Thanks, Clova   

Thank you Kay I have printed a lot of resources off added to folders, added my training to my folder. Everything looks very professional and I am so happy to be back on track. I enjoyed my course LGBT and took your idea on board added a few positive role model pics of families in same sex relationships to my setting. Sorted my British values, put it into my display cabinet. Pack very helpful, just what I needed, Alison x

The diversity awareness resource has been invaluable in showing me the different ways in which I can ensure I offer an inclusive setting with lots of ideas for activities.  Thanks, Gaynor

Thanks, this is great. We live in a predominately white area, so this is very handy. Louise

We have been working through the diversity pack. I find it all links together really well, for example 'A Positive Identity' can lead onto 'Understanding Blindness' depending on the questions the children ask.

The children really enjoyed their life sized portraits which we did over a week and then put up in the setting. They took their time over choosing what type of clothing they wore, especially colours, and could describe themselves and draw their own features really well from doing earlier activities such as 'What do I look like?' and 'All about me'.

When we did the blindness section the children really got involved in the 'Eyes are for seeing'. They had to draw their eyes but they wanted skin tone crayons and textured materials for their hair and clothes, “So it looks really like me”. The following day we saw a man with a white cane on the walk to nursery which, as you can imagine, lead to a great deal of excitement and discussion. One of the children found a book in the library with a braille letter in it “for blind people”.

The awareness it raises is fabulous and I found it gave me the direction I needed as I am fairly new to childminding. Thanks, Paula

I purchased your Diversity Pack which is fab.  I find myself returning to it regularly.  All about me being a favourite.  The place mats are used all the time.  The festivals you cover are ideal. (I covered St Lucias Day and Omisoka as well). We also enjoyed the grandparents and deaf sections. Yesterday I had a visit from Ofsted and I am pleased to say I was awarded ‘Outstanding’ again.  I am sure your Diversity Pack helped, thank you, Liza

Diversity Training

Diversity Awareness for 2-5 Year Olds

Photo stories, art projects, colouring pages, activities and positive messages - only £18 

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We all play
These pictures of British children are all appropriate to display at your home, to discuss with the children, and give the right impression of a racially inclusive setting.

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