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If you are working or training as a childminder then you will be well aware of the importance of having a good contract, policy document and forms. These documents are vital for satisfying Ofsted, Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Common Inspection Framework and Prevent Duty requirements and hugely contributed to my Outstanding rating at my last inspection.

Putting together these documents can be a daunting and time consuming task. The good news is there is an easy solution: Now, for only £18.50 you can buy my complete set of all the documents – contract, policies and forms – you need for your childminding business as Word documents. This will allow you to modify the documents to suit your own needs, make changes when you need to and print as many copies as you require.

All of my documents are very simple, basic Word documents with no clip art or logos. I like to keep everything clean and professional looking. It is easy to add your own logos or clip art if you want to.

I will email you free updates to the childminding policies whenever new legislation appears such as the mobile phone and camera policy, British Values and recent changes to safeguarding procedures.   

What is included in the Pack?

The following documents are included:


Childminding contract

Policies and procedures:

I write concise policies with ENOUGH BUT NOT TOO MUCH information. I try to strike a sensible balance so you don’t overwhelm parents (or yourself) with pages and pages of paperwork. My policy document is one long (16 pages) Word document that you need to edit or customise before you use it for your own business. Parents tick on the back page to say they have read the whole document and then sign just once at the end. I have been selling this product since 2008 and childminders have told me time and again that they like my minimal paperwork approach.

Please note that my policies do not cover any responsibilities you have towards any assistants you may employ.

My policies and procedures include the following and are updated as required by legislation for free:

Paperwork checklist

The pack includes a simple paperwork checklist so that you know what to put on your bulletin board, what needs to go in a confidential ring binder and what goes into a paperwork folder to share with parents.

Documentation you will need - READ FIRST.jpg


All of my forms are very simple Word documents with no graphics or pop art (you can add all that yourself when you customise the forms for your own childminding business). Here is an example form:

Permission to administer medicines extended FORM.jpg

Forms included:

Also included:



Thanks I work with my assistant most days and we got your paperwork pack. It is by far the best
and most practical help we have tried. So nice to have straight forward advice as we are of the old school!!  Dinosaurus childmindus should be our logo! Thanks again, Sue.

Thank-you for taking the stress away from me, I am due my inspection as it's nearly 5 yrs coming up, like so many other minders I get worked up doubting what I have done, was so reassuring to get your pack through, made me realise I'm not too many miles away.

Thank you very much. Without your paperwork I think I would have given childminding by now. Not sure where you find the time or inspiration but it's well appreciated. Debbie

Hello Kay, this is Fiona. I received your pack today in the post and just wanted to thank you. You are a life saver!!! I have been a reg childminder for 4 years now and am due an inspection this year. I have been putting off redoing all my paperwork in the hope that a company would do what you have done, v grateful even more so that it has come from another childminder. Fab thanks again.

Hello Kay, Just a quick E-mail to say thank you 4 for all the document advice you have sent me in the past. It has been very useful as I am in the process of becoming an accredited childminder for free funding for 3-4 year olds. I have an inspection due and the co-ordinaters tell me that I should get at least 2 outstandings maybe more, they say my documentation is very impressive. I wouldn’t have been able to do what I have done without you showing me how you do things so thanks again kay. Gina

Thank you, I am sure I will find this very useful. I am fairly new to childminding so need as much information & support as I can ;-). Kind regards, Olly


Childminders policies

Childminder Contract, Policy Document and Forms in Word – only £18.50

With FREE updates - GDPR compliant

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