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Celebrate what makes childminding unique

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The 25 colouring pages in this new pack are designed to illustrate what is unique and worth celebrating about childminding. Jennifer Fishpool has designed 25 vibrant scenes that childminded children and their childminders will recognise - ordinary childminding scenes in ordinary homes brought to life for the children to colour!

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Childminding is unique

Childminding is a unique type of childcare and all of the images in this pack reflect that. It takes place in our own homes and includes different ages of children playing together. Whatever activity the children might be doing, their childminder is likely to be nearby and so in many of the colouring pages, you are in the picture too! 

Childminders and the children they look after are diverse 

The pictures in this pack intentionally reflect the diversity of both the children and the childminders who look after them. These colouring pages will help you to promote British values and diversity awareness .

Promoting different EYFS areas of learning and development

All colouring pages are naturally designed to promote physical development and fine motor skills. These pictures also intentionally include many details to spot or count and talk about with the children as you colour. This is a brilliant way of helping with the children's language development, improving their maths skills and extending their vocabulary.

Celebrating what childminders do and reminding parents why they chose you to look after their child

Childminding activities are a unique mixture of the types of activities children do in nurseries and what they would be doing in their own homes. We have story time and dressing up time like nurseries do, but we also look after family pets, take trips to the park and do the school run. The activities and outings depicted in this pack illustrate some of the day to day life that being with a childminder is all about. Sending a colouring page home at the end of the day is a great way to remind parents of the great service you provide.

Extending learning at home 

Colouring pages are also an ideal project to send home with the children to ‘extend learning at home’. Suppose you take a trip to the post office one day?  At the end of the day you can send home the post office colouring page in this pack to extend learning at home.   

How to order your 25 Colouring Pages for Childminders Pack

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Colouring Pages Pack for Childminders