16. Super Summative Assessment and Gap Tracker Kit

16. Super Summative Assessment and Gap Tracker Kit

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Quick Description:

This kit contains all the tools you need to sum up a child’s development and achievements, right from when a child starts with you, all the way until they leave to go to nursery or school. From ‘All about Me’ forms, starting points, transition and report templates as well as sample reports, tips and of course a gap tracker for when you need it.

More Information:

In the past summative assessment systems could be horribly unwieldly and time-consuming and didn’t really add any value for the child, parents, or childminder. The changes to the EYFS in September 2021 made it clear that the only report you must write by law is the child’s 2-year-old progress check. However, by writing just one report for the entire time a child is with you, which for childminders can be over 4 years, means you are missing out on lots of benefits both for the children and their parents but also for you and your business.

This pack has been carefully designed to be quick and easy to use, while helping you gain the most benefit from your work. The reports are quick and easy to fill in with sections for both you and the child’s parents to complete. They are all centred around the child, helping the child, their parents and you celebrate their achievements. By writing just one report a year you will help build up a record of the ‘story of the child’ and sharing the reports helps build a professional partnership with parents. If you have never written a report before there is also a very useful section which contains sample reports for each year.

Also included in the pack is our new Ultimate Gap Tracker. This has been designed to allow you to quickly spot any gaps in a child’s learning and development so that you can rapidly put things in place to support them. Included in the tracker, there is also information about sources of further support should you have a concern about a child, meaning all the information you need is in one handy place.

What is included in the pack:

  1. ‘All About Me’ form templates for parents to complete giving you lots of useful information about their child before they start in your setting.
  2. ‘Starting Points’ template for you to record your own initial observations of the child and share them with parents – helping get your partnership with parents off to a good start.
  3. Yearly report templates which build up to tell the ‘story’ of each child. These include a poem written exclusively for Kids To Go by a published children’s author. Each report also has space for the parents to fill in what their child has been doing at home to help you make sure that you are providing the best Cultural Capital for each child.
  4. Transition to School’ report template to help you provide useful and professional information when the child moves onto another setting.
  5. Information Sharing Permission form to use if you decide that you need to share the information with other professionals.
  6. Ultimate Gap tracker, designed to help you quickly and easily spot any gaps in a child’s development.
  7. A guide and tips on how you can use all the tools to very quicky and easily to record any information that is genuinely useful and use the tools to promote partnership with parents and other professionals.
  8. Sample Reports to give you ideas of how to write your own if you get stuck.


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