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Kids To Go – Kay Woods Ltd. is a private limited company (number 11321532) registered in England and Wales to sell products created and written by Kay Woods.  

Kay Woods first started selling childminding products in 2008. My first product was my contracts, policies and forms which I sold as Word documents to fellow childminders.  With the launch of the EYFS, I introduced the 50 EYFS Art Projects CD, combining art projects with simple, guided EYFS observations. .

My products proved very popular, and good reviews from childminders encouraged me to create more easy-to-use products which I developed with the help of the children I was looking after. My most unique product is my Diversity Awareness Pack, launched in 2012. The product took me two years to make with the help of the children I looked after and I do feel that making young children aware of ‘differences’ by talking about them is one of the most important positive contributions that child care providers can make. 

In 2012, I was proud to have my first art project CD published by Tarquin into a book set for parents: Start Learning 1 & 2. In that year I also started the Forest Childcare Association to encourage pre-school child care providers to spend as much time as possible with young children in the great outdoors. Time spent outdoors was always one of my favourite aspects of being a childminder – great for adults as well as children.

I launched the Childminding Best Practice Newsletter in 2013 when I retired from childminding as my own children began school. I now continue to develop new products for childminders and have lots more time now to focus on this business including time to write newsletters and blog articles to promote and share best practice.

My background in marketing, writing and science, combined with my skills gained as a mother and childminder, give me the unique approach I need to sell the best, easy-to-use EYFS childcare products available.

Meet the Team

Product Development Manager
Communications Executive
Product Development Manager
My responsibilities include testing hundreds of craft and cooking projects, and counting out pieces for the EYFS Art Kits.
Communications Executive
My responsibilities include colouring sample pictures, posing for photographs, and putting stamps on envelopes.

Supporting International Children’s Charities

 Kids To Go supports the following international children charities:

Action Aid
Throughout Africa, Asia and the Americas, ActionAid is helping poor families provide food, education and a future for themselves and their children http://www.actionaid.org.uk/

Shelter Box
Providing emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies for families around the world who are affected by disasters http://www.shelterbox.org/

Working with children worldwide http://www.unicef.org.uk/





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