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EYFS Paperwork and EYFS Activities

For childminders, nannies and nurseries

We specialise in high quality, easy-to-use EYFS paperwork and activities for childminders, nannies and nurseries. We believe that you should only have to buy our products once, so we sell our products mainly as Word documents. This allows you to edit and print our paperwork over and over again, and make changes whenever you need to.

We sell:

  • Printable contracts and policies
  • Art projects with templates
  • EYFS learning journeys
  • Planning, observation and assessment solutions
  • Outstanding ideas to keep kids busy

Practical, easy-to-use and trusted paperwork solutions

All EYFS childcare providers including childminders, nannies and nurseries need EYFS paperwork for parents and Ofsted. We sell contracts, policies, forms and all the essential paperwork you need. Our top selling product makes it easy to complete the Progress Check age 2 with detailed guidance notes and examples. We also sell a Guided Self Evaluation Pack for reflective practice and the Ultimate Childminding Checklist. 

Stacks of Childminding Paperwork

Planning, observation and assessment solution

Learning Journey Plus helps you to create short, medium and long term planning for your setting. It is the only system that also teaches you with photo examples how to write the observations for your learning journeys. 

Diversity Awareness, Safety and Health and Characteristics of Effective Learning

Explore 20 diversity topics with pre-school children with our Diversity Awareness Pack: photo stories, art projects, colouring pages, activities and positive messages. The Be Safe Be Healthy Pack is ideal for exploring safety and health topics with pre-school age children. Help children to acquire the Characteristics of Effective Learning with the activities and resources in the COEL Pack.

Join the Childminding Best Practice Club

Members of the club receive a monthly themed pack of printable arts, crafts and activity ideas plus ideas for continual professional development (CPD). Membership costs just £2.50 per month and includes a 25% discount on ALL other products.

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Information for childminders

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Forest childcare

Delivering the EYFS in an outstanding manner

Become a Forest Childcare Provider, and make the most of time outdoors. Learn how to teach important diversity awareness topics. Create and display educational and inclusive posters. Enjoy delivering the sorts of unique, structured activities that will both educate and amuse pre-school children and set you apart from other childcare providers.

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