I am offering a new service where I will check what you have written on your SEF form and offer suggestions for improvements. I charge a minimum of £75 for this service, but I will do you a quote before I begin so that I can give a reasonable estimate of how long it will take me. 

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For childminders who want to get outstanding

If you are hoping to get outstanding and you have written your SEF and just want someone to take a critical look at it and see if you’ve ‘missed anything’ then I can be that extra set of eyes and look through what you’ve written.

For childminders who worry about poor grammar or poor English

Many childminders speak English as a second language. If this is you, then writing your SEF is an extra challenge. You may be happy with the content, but want me to edit your spelling, correct your English and fix your grammar mistakes.

Many native English speakers worry that people will judge them on their poor grammar and writing skills. Your Ofsted inspector reads your SEF to get an idea of what to expect about your setting before she arrives. If you know that you struggle with written English, and worry that she will judge you on your poor grammar, then let me fix it for you so you have one less thing to worry about on inspection day.  

How long will it take?

You need to allow me one week to look at your whole SEF and comment. It may take longer because it really depends on how much work your SEF is going to need.

From my end, I work alone and therefore I can’t promise to turn things around in less than a week. So I’m sorry, but if your inspection is tomorrow, then I can’t really help you.

If your inspection is tomorrow, then you can still get help by using my SEF Model Answers which you will just have to work through on your own.  

You’ve made an attempt at your SEF, and written some things down, but haven’t really finished it. Can I still check it?

My SEF checking service is for childminders who have finished the SEF themselves, and just really need a second set of eyes to check it through. If you haven’t really finished it, then I can’t really check through what you’ve done.

If this is you, then you may be much better signing up for my new Let’s Write Your SEF Together course. You can use the notes you already have to answer some of the questions I will send you. But rather than wasting time having me look at something that is only half finished, it is better to start over and do it properly.

Is it ok to send you confidential information about my setting and the children I look after?

I am an Early Years Consultant, registered with NEYTCO and anything you send me will be treated entirely confidentially. For your peace of mind, before we begin working on your SEF, and before you send me anything confidential, I will send you a signed confidentiality agreement stating that I will be the only person to see the information you are sending me and that once my work with you is completed, that I will delete it from my computer entirely. This way you are totally covered for data protection.

I employ assistants. Can I still get your help to write my SEF?

No. Sorry, but at this time, I am just offering this service to childminders who work alone. There are too many extra things you need to consider in your SEF if you have assistants.

I only look after before and after children. Can I still get your help to write my SEF?

No. Sorry. My questions are all designed for childminders looking after EYFS aged children.

How much does this cost?

I charge hourly at £40 per hour to look through your SEF and comment. It really depends how much work is involved how much it will cost because if your SEF is really good, I could read through and comment in just a couple of hours. If it is really long, or poorly written, then it could take me much longer.

It is totally free to get a quote.

How do I get a quote?

Please email me kay.woods@kidstogo.co.uk and tell me that you are interested in the SEF checking service and let’s talk.

Please remember to allow 1 week for me to complete the work.

Please note that if you have assistants or do not work with EYFS aged children then I’m sorry but I can’t help you at this time.

Contact me today by email for a quote:


SEF Checking Service