Make EYFS Observations

Cover Sheet

Cover sheet for Snowman project


Snowman by Olwen age 2 1/2

The 50 art projects each address a different EYFS learning and development area. By working through all 50 projects, one per week over the course of the year, and recording your observations onto the cover sheets, you will be able to demonstrate to Ofsted that you are making routine child observations. 

EYFS theme
Each project has a theme based on an EYFS learning and development area. The projects cover a range of themes including counting, rhythm, pen control, using tools, language development, self-care and the built environment.

Simple and structured
Each project cover sheet tells you exactly what to look for as you observe the child. See the example observations below:

Stay focussed
For each project there are a great many of things you could observe about the children as they work. It is all too easy to either get completely overwhelmed and forget to write down anything at all, or to make the same observations all the time like ‘Timmy recognised the colour blue’ which doesn’t really impress his parents or Ofsted very much. 

By using the observations I suggest for each project you can be sure you are:

Impress parents
Show them with confidence what you’ve observed about their child’s learning and development

Show Ofsted
You are recording routine EYFS observations in all key areas.

What to look for on this project:

16-26 months

How do the young children attempt to fit the 3 circles together on the paper?

22-36 months

Can the children find which circle is bigger and which is smaller? Can they order the circles by size? 

30-50 months

Can the children use the word ‘circle’ correctly?  Can they order the circles by size?  Do they understand concepts like ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ of the paper? 

40-60 months

Can the children use words like ‘bigger’ or ‘smaller’ correctly?  Can they order the three circles correctly on the paper by size?  Can the children draw around the different sized circles themselves and can they cut them out? 

Example - Snowman Project

Print the cover sheet and template

Snowman Cover

Snowman Template

Read the theme and EYFS Observations sections to see what this project is broadly about. For the Snowman project the theme is ‘comparing sizes’.

Read the ‘What to look for on this project’ section. Find the age of your child and answer the questions as you do the project together. Record your observations on the cover sheet and keep this as your record.